Your office’s interior is not only indicative of your taste and style, it also has a great influence on the comfort and productivity of your workforce.

Whittakers provides you with a wide range of office solutions that can transform your office into a multi-functional workplace that reflects your corporate culture and leaves a positive effect on the morale of your team. With strong partnerships with a number of the industry’s leading manufacturers we are well positioned to satisfy even the most demanding of requirements. Our renowned installation and project management teams will complete installation on time and on budget.

Reflect Your Company Culture

Great office design supports wellbeing and productivity. Learn how design can transform your space. Our consultants work in collaboration with your team to understand your idea of an ideal workplace and transform it into reality by designing exciting and functional office interiors for your business.

Foster Creativity

Dull and drab cubicle spaces can hamper the creative imagination of your employees. To help you foster creativity and innovation, we use our experience and creative insight to design an inspiring interior that will motivate and enhance the productivity of your employees incorporating the latest trends and innovations from leading manufacturers including smartphone controlled height adjustable desks and mood lighting.

Ensure Comfort of Your Workforce

Providing employees with a comfortable and secure environment is necessary to ensure their safety and wellbeing. We make it possible for you with our office interiors solutions that are ergonomically designed, keeping the comfort and health of your employees under consideration whilst adapting to the legislation and challenges of the modern office.

Public Sector


The comfort of healthcare personnel is directly related to the quality of care they provide to patients. Whittakers helps you take care of yourself and your patients by creating a safe, supportive and comfortable environment with our specialised interior solutions for the healthcare industry including specialist NHS approved fabrics.


Designing the perfect interior for a school or college is a tough task as you’re not only required to ensure the comfort of teachers, but of students as well. Whittakers help you overcome this challenge by providing you a range of products designed around the demands of the classroom and built to last.


Enhance employee engagement, collaborate with colleagues and Inspire clients with our office interior solutions that have been designed to create workplaces that enhance your business identity but are comfortable and easy to use. We not only transform your office interior into your vision, but also improve your teams wellbeing and productivity.

Private Sector


Being an entrepreneurial start-up, your business has a limited budget to redesign your office’s interior. Whittakers makes it possible for you with its affordable but high-quality office interior solutions that will instil style and creativity into your workplace without exceeding your budget.


Small and medium-sized enterprises have unique needs when it comes to creating an interior that can reflect their company culture. They want the solution to be affordable yet innovative. Therefore, at Whittakers, our experts will design a solution that offers the very best to SMEs in terms of style, cost-effectiveness, and functionality.

Large Enterprises

Combining luxury with comfort, Whittakers offer you the best-in-class functional, durable, and professional interior solutions that will perfectly reflect your corporate identity and leave a lasting impact on your visitors. We can help you adapt to maximising use of interior space and new working methods.

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